About Us

Our Philosophy

Everyone is born creative: creativity is not for artists only. The Happy Pottery was born based on the idea of creating an all inclusive, accessible, open,  creative space.

We created a bright and inspiring social studio shop where you can express your own creativity via pottery painting. Our studio shop allows every age and ability to have fun and create memories.

Painting ceramics is not difficult, everyone is able to make a piece which will make its creator proud.

Learning to be wrong allows your creativity to flourish. It is not about perfectionism, it’s about being yourself and enjoying the moment.

While you’re designing, painting, chatting, thinking, you can switch off the outside world, relax and go with your own creative flow.

You’ll leave feeling recharged and proud, having made your own unique ceramic piece.

The Happy Pottery Story

My name is Zsófi. I grew up being very active and loved creating all sorts of things from scratch.  I also love being surrounded by people, listening to their stories, sharing thoughts, feelings, memories. I have travelled in many countries, explored some cultures & arts which become an important part of my personality.

After spending 20+ years in communication & business I took a turn to fulfil my creative, social me. I had the idea to create a space where  people would have the opportunity to express their stories in a creative environment. On top of my communication background I studied and practice art teaching to invigorate idea generation and implementation. When I discovered pottery painting as an accessible and satisfying way of creative expression I knew I found it!

Throughout my journey our two amazing daughters and my wonderful husband were my best inspiration, source of energy and endless ideas.

Kilkenny with its amazing people, spirit, heritage and support also helped me to fulfil my dreams. I have decided to open The Happy Pottery, where both visitors and myself feel inspired, uplifted by creative activities and always leave with a memory and with their amazing piece of work.

I hope our studio contributes to people’s wellbeing, positive spirit and would be a place for creating memories for all generations for a long time in the heart of Kilkenny City.

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